Save Designs in Cloud And use anywhere

Would you like to save your own pages and templates in the cloud; and access them across any other websites – in just a click?

This plugin does exactly that!

Free till 31'st December 2020


Carefully developed to help you reuse your designs across any website.

Save time. Reuse your own designs, from any website to any other website. Access your ready page design and just import seamlessly and securely on any other site.

  • easy

    It's easy!

    Templator is very easy to use

  • fast

    It's Fast!

    With very few clicks, it does all the work

  • secured

    It's safe!

    Your templates are available only to you

How to use Templator?

With few easy steps, you can export and import your designs and use them anywhere you want.

  • install


    Download and Install the plugin

  • create-account

    Create Account

    Create account on our portal and get your API key

  • api

    Enter API key

    Enter the API key in the plugin

  • export

    Export pages

    Export any pages or templates from one website

  • import


    Import exported template on other websites

A Brainstorm Force Project

You might know us already for our other products like Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder & Visual Composer, ConvertPlug, AIOSRS, etc.



Some common questions

How much would this cost?

Currently, this is a free service in the experimental mode till 31'st December 2020. It may remain just as a free service, or cost $99 USD / year to cover hosting and support expenses.

Does this come with prebuilt templates as well?

No. Currently, Templator only allows you to export your own templates so you will be able to import them on other websites. 

However in future, we plan to offer our professionally designed, ready to import templates as well.

Where will my templates be exported?

When you acquire your API key, we create a dedicated website for you on our WordPress Multisite network. Your templates will be exported there.

Will my templates be available to anyone else?

No. Your templates will be saved under own your account and won't be available or visible to anyone else.

Can I export my cool templates so they will be available to everyone publicly?

There can be security and licensing issues. For example: someone can upload a template with malicious JavaScript code to hijacks cookies 

So all public templates will need to be approved manually first. Something we're thinking of doing in the later stage.

How am I able to categorize all my templates?

While exporting any template, you can enter your own categories where your template belongs.

Does it handle images as well?

Yes — your templates will be exported with all media assets you've in the page. And they will be imported seamlessly on other site when you import the template.

Can I preview of my templates before importing?

Yes — you can upload your own screenshots for the template, so you will be able to easily recognize them.

Can we choose our own storage locations; like Dropbox / Amazon, etc?

Great Question!

The usability features such as categorization, screenshots, one click import + export with media assets, batch processing are not possible if template was exported to Dropbox / Drive / Amazon.

So choosing your own storage location is not supported.

Design pages. Blazing fast.

Get your own copy of Templator Plugin and start creating pages with amazing
speed and simplicity

DISCLAIMER : Currently the plugin is available as free service. It may become as a paid service, or just remain as a free in the future.

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