How to Export Templates?

Templator allows you to export templates in your own private repository. Only those who have access to your API key, will be able to see your exported templates. In this article, I will explain how the export process works.

Choose the Page to Export:

For the time being, you are only able to export page built with Elementor. But ability to export pages built with other page builders will be introduced shortly. If you have a page built with Elementor, you will find an option to “Export to Templator”

Add a Category and Screenshot:

For yourself to be able find the required template later, we have provided options specify the categories. We also encourage you to upload the screenshot so you will be able to identify it easily later. If you don’t upload the screenshot, we capture it automatically. But it might not be accurate.


Click export and that’s about it. You just exported a template in the cloud so you will be able to access it on any other website!