How to Import Templates?

If you have exported templates with Templator, importing them to on website is very easy!

Once the plugin installed and API key is activate, you will be able to import your exported templates on any website. Just be sure that you have exported templates with the same API key.

Import directly as a Page:

When you add a new page, you will find a button “Import from Cloud” as you see in the screenshot below:

Notice, all templates appear in categorized format with screenshots? Now you know, why we recommended adding category and screenshot in previous article ๐Ÿ™‚

Click on the template you wish to import. And you’re done! You will be redirected in the Elementor Page Builder screen where you will be able to make further edits if necessary.

Import as a Template in Elementor Library:

You can also import the template in the Elementor Library.

The benefits of importing in the Elementor library is you can access the imported templates directly in the Elementor Page Builder. Instead of creating a totally new page, you are able to append the template in any existing layout.